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Technology Project History

This page provides a brief history of main projects UCSA pursued in order to bring out free electricity and other advanced technologies.

The Early Years

The genesis of the free electricity project began in the early 1980s when an inventor/promoter began marketing a continuing line of heat pump technologies. The final improved version of the world's most efficient heat pump was created in 1985. The unit was called the "Super Heat Pump". That product was marketed in Washington state. The marketing plan was unique in that the customers paid for the product with saving from their energy bills.

During the effor to market the heat pump, the copmany founder created 2000 dealerships to market the heat pump. These dealerships would eventually market any products that would be brought to market. The dealers had exclusive rights to market the products. Many of the products that are planned have the potential of changing entire industries to make leading products in those industries obsolete. Some of the Project technologies are capable of changing the world.

The current energy industry has a tremendous amount of political clout with various government groups (legislative and executive branch). Because of this, the founder of the company believes that in order to release free electricity technologies, UCSA (through the efforts of the dealership network) would have to create public support to overcome the powerful forces that control the current energy industry. Toward this end, UCSA created various material the dealers could use to generate public support. The founder of UCSA wrote a book called "The Alternative". It provides the early history of the various projects that were attemptiong to bring out free electricity. In addition, UCSA also produced packets of information that were called The Public Awareness Kit.

1996 Tour

From January to March, 1996 UCSA conducted a national tour demonstrating technologies that would end the need for burning fossil fuels to generate electricity. The last show in the tour was held in Washington D. C. on March 5, 1996.

UCSA did this private show just for government, where it would be especially convenient for them to attend, at a train station right by the Capitol, at a cost to UCSA of $40,000! The President, Vice President, Congress, the EPA, the Attorney General and all of congress was given a Gold engraved invitation to attend. (below is a picture of the invitation).

Every member of Congress that did not attend in person, received and signed for a video copy of the show we gave for them within one week of that presentation.

UCSA informed Congress that they had a technology that could bankrupt the utility companies if it were used in an inappropriate way. UCSA did not want to hurt the economy of the country but they did want to talk with Ccongress about deregulating the electric companies and giving independent produces the ability to access the electric grid in order to sell their power.

UCSA told Congress they wanted to meet with them by July 1996. Ccongress never met with UCSA but they did deregulate the electric grid.

1999 Tour

On September 17th, 1999 UCSA announced a nationwide tour with a full page ad on page 15 of the USA Today national newspaper. This was not the approach one would expect ifthe claims they were making were not true. It was out front and as loud a challenge for law enforcement and big business advocates to attend the tour as anyone could make.

The ad announced 45 locations for 47 shows to happen across the entire nation over a 60 day period. There was plenty of time for doubters and skeptics to prepare to come and debunk the claims. There was lots of time for law enforcement to get ready to arrest those running the show for making false claims and bring their experts in with devices to prove this was a fraud.

Admittedly several, if not all shows were attended by law enforcement officials. At some of the shows uniformed police officers were in attendance. Several plain clothes police officers came up to tour staff and showed their badges. The tour staff was informed by several Attorney Generals that if the show came to their states they would be arrested, but the staff did every single show.

At every show we demonstrated a motor that took four hundred watts of power from DC batteries and produced three horsepower of mechanical energy (2,300 watts). We invited people to bring their AC and DC meters, their own scopes, their own dynamometers. Lots of scientists came and took measurements. They were even welcomed to come up on stage and challenge our claims but that never happened.

The scientists and public officials were given ample opportunity to disprove the calims being made. The tour staff just insisted it be done in public so they could be held liable for their testing as we were. They were not given the opporutnity to test in private so they could later lie about the results they achieve.

Not once during the tour did anyone prove that the claims being made were false. Doesn't that mean the cliams being made were true? If so, would it have been reasonable to expect the media would cover a story that announced such good news? As far as we know, there was not one positive story generated from the tour.

2001 Tour

In 2001 we completed a third national tour which ran from July 21st through November 12th, 2001. This tour stopped in ALL 50 states to showcase our products! The tour was advertised in this Full Page ad that ran in the September 10th, 2001 issue of Newsweek magazine. (see picture of ad below)

Each show was packed with incredible demonstrations! You may have wondered what you would have seen at one of the tour shows. Well, below is a list of the incredible demonstrations that you will see at each show. Many of these demonstrations were thought by scientists to be IMPOSSIBLE!

  1. We show you a device that can neutralize radio active waste by mutating the nucleus of an atom. We could use this process to solve the huge nation wide problem of what to do with spent radioactive fuel rods.

  2. We prove that a permanent magnet (contrary to popular physics teaching) can and does do work. We'll also demonstrate magnetic phenomenon and magnetic materials that will astound you.

  3. We demonstrate a device that will reduce the energy consumption of most electric motors up to 40%. And to show you that we know a little about electric motors, we'll run a one horse power AC motor without it being hooked up to a proper power source.

  4. We show a machine that produces a gas from water which can be used to cut thick steel or even fuel an engine. Trade $1000 of acetylene for a $15 electric bill.

  5. We mix a "fuel" that consists of equal parts pickle juice, soda pop, water, sugar, used/dirty motor oil, soy sauce and gasoline that can run a normal internal combustion engine.

  6. We demonstrate a van that runs on 80% water and 20% gasoline. You can have your car modified to do the same thing. Imagine cutting your gasoline bill by 80%.

  7. We run a regular internal combustion engine closed loop (without exhausting gas into the room). No exhaust means NO pollution.

  8. We demonstrate the world's most efficient electric generator, the Sundance. The best generators on the market today are only about 60% efficient. The Sundance approaches 100% efficiency.

  9. We show the Tornado Engine that harnesses the power of an tornado to produce incredible amounts of power with very little fuel. Just one of these small engines could drive a 500 kilowatt version of our Sundance generator.

  10. We show a Bio Mass engine that will enable ordinary internal combustion engines to run on any bio mass (corn, bird seeds, grass clippings, etc.) with improved power, incredible fuel efficiency and no pollution. This engine modification could eliminate our dependence up foreign oil and provide our farmers with an alternative market for their grain.

  11. We show a camera that can revolutionize medicine and land mine disposal. This camera can see through walls, into the human body or into the earth. The camera doesn't use any radiation at all.

  12. We demonstrate sending live electricity through the air without using any wires.

  13. We show a furnace to heat your home that runs off the fumes from a septic tank.

  14. We show a microbe that eats oil even if it is three inches into concrete.

  15. We reveal a process to turn a dusty road or driveway into a concrete hard surface. You can use the same process to create an in ground swimming pool for a few thousand dollars or a low cost pond.

  16. We show you how you can wash your cloths without ever buying detergents or using phosphates again.

  17. We reveal how you can grow a dream garden with cabbages as big as a pumpkin or get 500 tomatoes from one plant. This technology is no more expensive than farmers spend on fertilizers but it produces even greater yields.

  18. We show a jack hammer that operates with almost no noise or vibration.

  19. We show an ocean buoy that can make over 2,000,000 gallons of fresh, drinkable water from the ocean at no operating cost. This device could solve the need for fresh water all over the world.

  20. We prove that water can flow up hill without the aid of any mechanical device. We could use this process to move the fresh water produced by our buoy up a mountain without the use of pumps.

  21. See the world's only fire proof canopy that can be draped over your home to prevent it from being burned by grass or forest fires. We'll also show you a cost effective device that will prevent stove fires from destroying your home.

  22. We show an explosive proof mesh that can keep tanks (gas, propane, chemical) from exploding.

  23. We show you a tire that will never go flat even with nails in it for the life of the tire.

  24. We share our plan for eliminating all pollution in this country this is caused by oil, natural gas and coal fired power plants in just 5 years.

Again in this show (just like the 1999 tour) people were invited to bring you own test instruments. Hundred or people were given the chance to verify the reading (at least 100% efficient) we took on the Sundance generator. Not once in all of those shows did anyone prove that our readings were wrong. This is a huge body of evidence that would stand up in any court in this country. In short, that means that we have the technology that we claim to have.

Change in Focus

If you have been following our progress for a while, you know that we have been focusing our efforts on free electricity technology and getting 1.6 million "witnesses" before we release that technology. A brief review of the things we have done to try to get our witness might be helpful.

If you read the article titled What is it taking so long?, you know that it has been very hard to get our witnesses. Here is a brief (incomplete) list of some of the major efforts we have undertaken to get our witnesses.

Since getting free electricity witnesses has proven to be so difficult, we have decided to change our focus to another technology. After all, we are about a lot more than bringing out free electricity. Our primary objective is bring out new technologies that will help mankind and the environment. For the foreseeable future, we will focus our limited research budget technologies to improve gas mileage. At this point, we are focusing on technologies that modify internal combustion engines to get better mileage. We have two technologies in this area. The first technology is called the Hydro Assist Fuel Cell or HAFC. The second technology is called Pre-Ignition Catalytic Converter or PICC.

You may wonder why we have changed our focus. The reason has to do with the market factors for electricity and automobiles. Electricities are operated largely as a monopoly. To break into the market you have to have a very large company with a lot of money. It costs hundreds of millions of dollars to build a major power plant. We do not have that kind of money. So for years we have been pursuing a grass roots campaign in order to gain enough political power so we could change the market to one that is advantageous for our technology which coincidentally scales down to units small enough to go on homes. In the electricity market we had to convince hundreds of thousands of people of our claims before could bring the technology out. Gaining this much support has proven to be very difficult.

The automobile market is very different from the electricity market. A consumer complete freedom to buy a Ford, Chevrolet, Mercedes, or whatever. After a consumer has purchased their car, there is a lot of freedom to modify your car. This degree of freedom is an opportunity for us. We can now convince one person at a time to try our technology. As we get more and more people who have tried it and find it to do what we claim, then we will build a lot of momentum in the market. Those who are happy with the technology will tel their friends and family. When a dealer sells one of these products, he has the option also give a free electricity certificate away. If our engine modification technologies get enough market penetration then we will get our witnesses for free electricity.

So for the short term it may look like we have abandoned our attempts to bring out free electricity but we have not. Changing our focus does not mean we will stop trying register people for free electricity. We will continue these effort and people can still register. But we are trying to get there a different way.