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"The Alternative"

Exact text from the introduction to "The Alternative"
by Dennis Lee, published August, 1994

This is the true story of how I experienced the "dirty tricks" of the powerful political forces at play in our society as they attempted to stop me from delivering energy technologies that could provide unlimited, "free" energy to the world. I have spent over a decade of my life fighting these powerful  forces to provide energy alternatives to the American people and because I persevered in the fire I have been able to come out with the evidence of a conspiracy - not only against me and my technologies, but against our very way of life. This book will open your eyes to the true "ruling aristocracy" of America, who in partnership with the government, has effectively eliminated the "justice system" as we know it, and has replaced it with the "just-us" system. Through wealth and financial manipulation, they have gained control over every facet of our life. Their long arms of control extend over the entire judicial system, law enforcement, legislation, major media, and even the major communications corporations like the phone companies, and mail carriers. I will present irrefutable proof to you of the way the legal system and the media is used to abuse Americans to favor their benefactors. As you witness how the system was abused in an attempt to destroy me, you'll see how the system is used to that same end on a regular basis, in a conspiracy to erode and eliminate the freedoms of all Americans.

One of the greatest weapons used by the "ruling aristocracy" to protect their financial interests and advance their power agenda is to use little known civil laws that can make felons out of most any law abiding citizen. Without the knowledge that you have violated a law, and with no intent to commit a crime, you can be convicted as a felon and imprisoned at their whim. These laws are written by our legislators, and enforced by our government in treasonous partnership with this aristocracy. Once accused, there is no legal defense against these statutes.

I have become one of the first of this new breed of criminals in this country, that I call "accidental felons". I was sentenced to a three year prison term for the civil code misdemeanor of not filling out a form the government claims I should have filled out. I had no warning, no knowledge, no intent to do harm, and have to this day never even been convicted. Yet, I served both a jail term as an innocent man, and a prison term as an "accidental felon". If you think that is impossible, this book will challenge many of the myths you may have embraced about the system.

My real crime was to dare to produce energy technologies that could eliminate the harmful, but lucrative fossil fuels industry, and sever the monopoly the electric suppliers have in delivering their  vital commodity. In 1988 I set up a research lab in Southern California, dedicated to saving the environment and building a better world. Here, with world class scientists and our own private machine shop, we developed and built technologies that could change the way that energy is produced -technologies that require little or no cost to operate them, and produce no pollution. I brought to the table, the world's most efficient heat pump and we quickly added other technologies.

We built a technology that could provide "free electricity" (1) independent of the grid, by coaxing energy from the air, day or night, even in the middle of a snowstorm. The unit to power a home and supply all of its energy needs would cost me only a few thousand dollars to build and install. That home would never pay an oil, gas, or electric bill again over the life its mortgage. Another device we built could replace the engine in any vehicle with an engine that runs in a closed loop and operates with NO condenser and NO exhaust, eliminating the need for gasoline, diesel, or batteries. For a cost of approximately $ 1,000 to build, a car could be retrofit with a new engine that could power it for the rest of its useful life with no cost for fuel. We also developed the world's most efficient thermal storage device, which we called "The Hot Box, and the Adiabatic Bicoannular Reactor, the world's most efficient combustor that can burn almost anything smokeless to provide energy for any need, including wet grass, garbage, old tires, even toxic waste. At last testing it burned black coal at efficiencies of well over 90%. This device would cost approximately $1500 to build and install in a home, and could eliminate the garbage and landfill problems forever.

The technologies we produced were safe, clean, practical, and cost nothing to operate! They could provide 100% of all the energy needs of society, for the individual, as well as for the bigger needs of industry. Any family could become totally independent of the central energy supply and disconnect from the electric company, the oil and gas company, and even gas stations ... The energy could be produced with no noise, no pollution and no negative environmental impact at all! These technologies were so practical that to totally power an average home (lights, heat, power, air conditioning, hot water, etc.), to modify two automobiles to run without gasoline, and to eliminate the need for another garbage pickup, would cost well under $10,000 for me to supply and install.

While I held the answers to pollution, energy shortages, foreign oil dependence and a healthy economy for America, the system worked hard to destroy everything I owned and had worked 20 years to build, and threw me in prison because I had failed to file a registration form. It is obvious who my alleged crime was against. EconomY and EnergY both begin and end the same, as do the list of people who control both. Energy is economy. There is no one who doesn't need it and who doesn't use it. We are all tied to the power companies' monopolistic apron strings, and are forced to forfeit a percentage of our paychecks every month to their continued profit. It's not hard to imagine why over 50% of Wall Street's portfolio and the wealth of the financial institutions is invested in utilities and fossil fuel related industries with bonds that are guaranteed a profit and stocks in the lifeline of every activity. Rich and powerful financial institutions control the existing energy technologies today, and their worth is directly connected to the value of these investments. But it is not only about money, it is also about control. The public's dependence on the power grid is an equally important factor to anyone wanting to exert and maintain control. Electricity has become a lifeline for the individual in our modern society. Cut off a family's electricity and they will be tendered almost helpless, even more so if cars are converted to electric cars, as they are planning on doing. I believe that fossil fuels will be outlawed at a point in the near future and nuclear powered central supply will dictate supply and control. Anyone who could provide clean, safe, cheap, independently produced energy could not be allowed to succeed.

While I hold the answers to pollution, garbage overflow, and energy shortages, our environment stands at risk. How many other answers are there out there that have been suppressed like mine. Cancer cures? AIDS cures? Alternative health benefits? When the citizenry are abused for someone's bottom-line profit, the veil of our liberty has been pierced and our very way of life is at risk. What I want you to know as you read this book and review the documentation, is that what they have done to me today, they may very well do to you tomorrow. You, as an American citizen, are at risk.

If, after witnessing the abuse in my story with firsthand documentation, you realize that you have been abused right along with me, then I want you to consider the simple solution I present in this book. There is a painless way for each reader to actually participate in eliminating the potential for such abuse to continue in the future. The plan outlined in this book does not require a public outcry or march on the seat of government, but reveals how to put these technical solutions out into the environment in a way that will benefit everyone and give those who think it is time to stop these abuses a means of financing civil resistance. If you are interested in becoming completely energy independent, then we will also try to advance an alternative to your current energy supplier. The interested reader will be invited to get additional information, reviewed by hundreds of engineers, scientists, and other technical professionals, that explains the technical concepts and even shows videotaped demonstrations of the technology given before audiences of hundreds. There is a lot of material and documentation available to prove to the reader, and/or their technical consultants, that the technology is real. In addition to the avalanche of scientific proof, there is also days of court testimony by world class scientists and affidavits that resulted in the dismissal of criminal charges for fraud against the author of this book, proving the viability of my claims on a court record.

I have lived through all the events chronicled herein. Everything in this story is true. Because most of us are never exposed to the dirty tricks of this conspiracy, we assume it doesn't exist. I pray that you take the time to study the documentation and become convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt. We will put the exhibits at the end of each chapter that document the more important statements made. We don't have room to document everything so we are only salting this book with a "sampling" of the mountain of evidence we have, but enough is documented to make our point. So, we encourage the reader to take the time to study the documentation at the end of each chapter. Only when the darkness is brought to light can it be extinguished. I stand ready to go forward with "alternatives" if the voice of the people dictates it.

( 1 ) When the author refers to "free electricity" he means electricity that is produced without any cost for fuel. A "free electricity" machine is one that produces electricity with no cost to operate. There is a cost for the machine itself.