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Brief History of UCSA

United Community Services of America began operations in 1974.  In the beginning, the company was United Community Services (UCS), a marketing promotion company that touted a very unique concept known as the THE COUPON CARD. The COUPON CARD preceded the Discover Card and combined the features and benefits of discount buying, store rebates, cash back credit cards, savings stamps and coupon savings ... all rolled into one super consumer marketing promotion. 

The COUPON CARD promotion offered a myriad of great benefits to both  the consumer and the store merchants. UCS would earn its income by uniting the consumer and the merchant. It was an ambitious project and difficult to get off the ground. UCS recruited a major investor and the company name was changed to UCS of America (UCSA). Soon after making sizeable financial commitments, for reasons still unknown, the investor reneged on his word, and withdrew financial support from the project. UCSA was forced to suspend operations. 

UCSA was revived in 1988 to market a continuing line of technologies being developed by inventor/promoter, Dennis Lee. Mr. Lee developed the final improved version of the world's most efficient heat pump in 1985. The "Super Heat Pump", as it became known, was first marketed by a small group of merchants. That small group, many years later, has now expanded into a national network of 2000 dealerships with representation in every state throughout the USA.

Today, UCSA has in place 2000 dealerships and will never issue another dealership anywhere in the world! THE UCSA dealers, for the most part, have waited very patiently for the completion of highly unique state-of-the-art technologies. Many of the products coming forth, alone, have the potential of changing entire industries to make leading products in those industries obsolete. Some of UCSA's  technologies are capable of changing the world. Given the potential impact of UCSA's technologies and realizing that the world in which we do business is jealous of its products and markets, patience has been a necessary virtue for the entire dealer network.

There are presently about two dozen UCSA product on the market. Though not as "threatening" as some of the technologies soon to be release, each provides features, benefits, and advantages over existing products and technologies that now dominate major consumer, commercial and industrial markets. A significant portion of those who have activated their UCSA dealerships have already begun successfully marketing the first group of products.

As you study the various pages on this web site, it will become evident that much of what you are seeing is "highly sensitive" and proprietary. It represents only a small portion of the technologies that continue to be developed and funded by Better World Technologies (BWT). BWT, owned by Dennis Lee, is a technical organization involved in developing, researching, locating and funding cutting edge technologies, primarily in the field of energy and environment. BWT researches and develops technology exclusively for the UCSA dealer network. 

Among the numerous Public Awareness materials available regarding our "free electricity" project is a book called "The Alternative" written by Dennis Lee. It provides the complete history of this project from the beginning and explains how UCSA and BWT came into being. Everyone is encouraged to read it!

After reviewing the material on this web site, you may still be wondering why we haven't released the technology yet. You may be thinking that if we have the technology we should just bring it to the market.