Selling Engine Modifications

You are probably aware that we are already selling Engine Modification technologies. There are over 90 million automobiles in America today. With the increase in gas price almost everyone will at least be interested in knowing about these technologies. When you consider these factors, we have a really huge market with lots of potenial. We will need a lot of help to spread the word about these technologies.

We are looking for Independent Sales Representatives to help us with this effort. If you have extensive sales experience and/or you are interested in perhaps making a substantial income by marketing these products, we would encourage you to read further.

Several income streams are possible in marketing these products.

  1. When you sell an HAFC or PICC, you will earn 15% of the retail price as commissions when you sell an HAFC or PICC..
  2. When you recruit other sale people, you will year a 7.5% (of the retail price) override every time they sell an HAFC or PICC.
  3. When you sell the Correspondence Course to a mechanic, you will earn 15% of the retail price as commission.
  4. When one of the sales people you recruit sells on of the Correspondence courses to a mechanic, you will earn 7.5% override on the sale.
  5. When you recruit a mechanic who gets certified to teach other mechanics to install HAFC and PICC units, you will earn $25 for every student that mechanic trains.
  6. When you recruit a mechanic who gets certified to install the HAFC and PICC units, you earn $25 for every unit they install.

If you stop to think about it, items 2, 4, 5 and 6 are all residual income where you continue to earn an income from the previous work you performed.

Sales Aids

We have a variety of sales aids to make the sales job easier.

  • You can get an affiliate ID on the web site. When someone goes to the web site using your affiliate ID you will get the lead when they request a price quote.
  • One of the web sites contains the Frequently Asked Questions about the HAFC technology. This web site is updated on a regular basis with the best answers available for the most common questions.
  • There is a marketing call every Thursday night where you will receive an update on the HAFC and PICC projects along with the latest tips on selling the technology. These calls are archived so you can listen later if you can not make the calls.
  • There is a marketing call every Thursday after noon where you can bring prospective mechanics who may be interested in our training program.
  • We supply a template of the email you should send to those who have requested a price quote.
  • We provide a script on how to talk to your prospects about the HAFC.

How to Get Involved

In order to become an Independent Sales Representative you will have to sign two documents.

If you would like to become involved, you can view the contract and agreement by clicking on the links above. When you view each of these documents, you can save them on your computer and then print them out. Fill out the agreement and sign it. Fill out the contract but it must be signed in front of a notary. Then fax the two documents to 206-888-6933. Then mail both documents to the address shown on the top of the contract. It would also be helpful if you would use the contact us page to let us know you have sent the contract and agreement.

Once we receive these documents, we will assign you an affiliate ID on the web site. Unless you tell us otherwise (by sending an email via the contact us page), we will use your last name as your affiliate ID and the address and email address we already have for you as your contact information for your affiliate record on the PICC web site. We will also send you the other material to get you started.