Recruiting for free electricity

Our sign up offer explains how people can register for free electricity. We will not release the free electricity technology until we recruit 1.6 million people. This is a big job and we need lots of help to get the job done.This company will earn a share of the revenue from electricity that is sold back over the electric grid. We will give the recruiter who gets someone to register an allotment of 26,000 kilowatt hours (kwh) of electricity each year for each person they recruit. This electricity will be sold for you at the same price our electricity sells for and the revenue will be given to you as a commission. In other words, if the company is able to realize its dream of getting 5¢ per kilowat hour (kwh) initially, then the recruiter would earn 26,000 times 5¢, or $1,300 every year for every person that you got to register. Your total annual commission depends upon how many people you get to register and of course the rate we are able to get for the electricity. If you recruited 100 people, your annual commission could be $130,000 if we hit our target price. The annual commission period for each person you sign up begins on the day their home unit is installed. The commission will be paid around the anniversary date of when the unit was installation and we began to make revenue from it. The only way you will qualify for this commission is if a person who registers identifies you as the person for referred them (more on this later).

We want to clarify that there is some amount of risk associated with this program. We have every intention of releasing this technology (its the only way we will get a return on the huge investments we have all made). However, there are forces that are beyond our control. There are two that are worth of mentioning. First, is the goal of registering 1.6 million people. This is a difficult goal and we are being opposed every step of the way. We are doing everything within our power to achieve this goal (with your help). But even with your help, there is no guarantee that we will achieve it. We believe we will, but there is no guarantee. This is a bit of a dilemma. We are convinced that we must have the help of a lot of people to achieve this goal. If we don't all work together to achieve the goal, then we certainly won't achieve it. But there is financial risk on all our parts as we attempt to achieve the goal. I suggest that anything worth achieving contains this risk of the time you spend recruiting. Second, we could face significant opposition when we release the technology. We are confident that our plan will allow us to overcome the opposition if we can get 1.6 million people registered. But again, there is no guarantee. When you decide to be a recruiter, you accept these risks.

By recruiting others, you are implicitly agreeing to the terms that are stated in the Recruiter Agreement Terms section of this page. Violation of these terms can result in the forfeiture of all rights as a recruiter.

Requirement to be a recruiter

There are several ways you can qualify to be a recruiter for free electricity under Innovative Technologies Group, LLC. Any one of the following things will qualify you to be a recruiter:

  • You have registered to receive free electricity with this company.
  • You can be a customer of this company.
  • You register to be a recruiter for this company.

When any one of these conditions is met, you are assigned a customer ID. Your customer ID is your recruiter number and your affiliate ID.

If you do not know you customer ID, you can find out what it is via the Find Username page.

If you do not qualify to be a recruiter through another means, you may want to be register to be a recruiter with us. You must first read and agree to abide by the guidelines in the Recruiter Agreement Terms on this web page. Then you can register to be a recruiter for us.

Assure you will get credit for those you recruit

The web site has has a facility that should help you to feel confident that you get credit for each person you send to register for free electricity. The web site allows an affiliate ID to be passed around as part of the URL as someone browses the site. The affiliate ID is the same as you customer ID. If you don't know you customer ID, you can find out what it is via the Find Username page. You can send people to a URL that looks like the one shown here:


Simply substitute your customer ID where '99999' is located in the string above. For example, if you customer ID is 100123, the correct URL string would be:


When customers browse the web site with your customer ID in the URL as shown above, your customer ID is carried forward to every screen on the web site. When the customer eventually goes to the application page, your customer ID will be place in the Recruiter ID field and the the person who is registering will not be able to change the Recruiter ID field. When their record is added to the database, your recruiter ID is stored in their record. This means you will be given credit for recruiting them because they used your Recruiter ID.

If you wish, you can build a web page that contains your Recruiter ID. When people register by linking from your web page, you are assured you will get credit for recruiting them.

Recruiter Agreement Terms

Recruiter and sponsor for this program IMPLICITLY AGREE to abide by the following rules:

1. Innovative Technologies Group, LLC (herein after referred to as ITG) and our suppliers have never claimed to have a working model of a free electricity generator! NO recruiter is permitted to claim that we have one or have ever said that we have one. We HOPE to have one and we BELIEVE we will have one when it is time to do the demonstrations, and that is the ONLY representation that is acceptable. ANY statements to the contrary arc unauthorized. You can use “if and when” it is possible; we believe we will have it; it is our goal to put the components together as a generator on that day; BUT you cannot say, “It is here”, or “We have it!” You cannot say that if you sign up for free electricity you WILL receive it. That implies we have a free electricity machine right now. Stay sway from words like “is” or we “will” or we “can”. Never say we have already done it; it works or You CAN have one. The truth is that it has not happened even in secret, but we have every reason, to believe that the final assembly will work. Point out the evidence of what we have already demonstrated nationwide. So, say: You MIGHT get one. It MAY happen! We BELIEVE it will! Watch your words.

2. NO recruiter is allowed to SELL a witness certificate registration to anyone at any time or at any price, except: to a business who buys it to use as an incentive for its customers to encourage business or to reward their loyalty, and then, only under the condition that the business person in charge reads and signs an agreement prior to assigning any of the certificates (especially this part that restricts that business from SELLING these registrations).

3. Recruiters cannot PROMISE that free electricity will ever happen. You can promise that “if and when” it does happen, they will get their allotment of free energy. While we are convinced that out biggest obstacle to making this promise is the rich self interests that we will have to overcome in big business and in the media, we do not want to give the public the idea that we already have a working model.

4. Any and All multi-level marketing plans must be submitted for approval, and approved in writing by ITG prior to their inception (without exception).

5. Under no circumstances are you to register people without telling them what you are doing. Some people have received a certificate that they were not expecting and they have requested that the certificate be canceled. In cases like this, we will keep your $9 registration fee but you will not receive any the revenue from electricity sales for them because they will never have a unit installed. We will keep your fee because we have already born the expenses of issuing the certificate.

6. Web Sites are a form of open advertising. ITG cannot police them all or approve of them prior to their construction or updating. The recruiter will he solely responsible to make sure of the accuracy of all statements contained in them. Do not represent yourself as if you were an office of ITG or our suppliers company. Do not indicate that ITG said anything during a private talk with out permission. Be prepared to show on tape or in writing word for word any statements you claim ITG made - we can be easily misquoted.

7. If it comes to our attention that a recruiter is in flagrant violation of these rules and restrictions and are obviously using the wrong phrases, we will try to warn them. We have tried herein to warn you of the danger of saying the wrong thing. If we do warn you of a violation and you ignore our warning that will be a violation of our recruiter agreement, and you will receive ONE warning tochange your behavior. If you do not heed that warning, your rights and benefits as a recruiter may be forfeited. We may also report your activity that is giving us all a deserved bad name to the State Attorney General ourselves. We will not tolerate deliberate abuses of these rules and regulations! All recruiters who represent our Free Electricity Witness Program must agree to these rules and restrictions and are expected to conduct themselves in a proper fashion.

8. A recruiter may not charge any fee beyond those charged by ITG to those they refer to the free electricity witness program.

9. These rules can be modified at any time by ITG and the changes will be posted on this web page. All recruiters agree to comply with the changes as well as the rules originally enumerated.

10. The only date a recruiter is authorized to give anyone as to when the technology may be released is within a short time (probably 30 days) of our getting the 1.6 million witnesses, and not one minute before that time.

11. There are certain states that recruiters are not allowed to directly assign certificates in. The current list of such states is Washington, Maine, Vermont,and Alaska.

We will not be responsible for any repercussions that may occur if you do not follow these rules. Any of the material from this web site may be used for advertising purposes since it has already been approved. Anything else requires written permission. You may print out the web page that describes the offer and give it to friends. We can download a the 2 Page Flier in PDF format. We also have some approved text that you can email to your friends. Before sending this email out you should first check that the web page that it references is operational. Do not under any circumstances send any email referencing to our web site to people you do not personally know as they could consider it spam and take retaliatory action including getting the web site taken down. This would hurt all of us.