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ITS Customer Status

Free Electricity Customer Status

      This page is designed to let Innovative Technologies customers who have registered for the free program to check the status of their records. Fill out the form below and your data will be displayed (assuming that only one records was selected)

To search for your record, you must enter two pieces of information. The first is always the zip/postal code you used for your physical address when you registered for free electricity. The second piece of data can be any of a number of choices which you will pick from the drop-down list next to 'Pick another Search Criteria'. Then enter the information matching the search critia you selected. For example, if you selected 'Certificate Number' as your search criteria, enter the certificate number from the "Registration For A Free Electricity Generator On A Residence". If you selected 'Email Addr', then enter the email address you enter when you registered. If you selected 'Installation Street', then enter the first part (house number and street name) of the street address you used when you registered. So, follow these simple steps to search for your record.

  1. Enter the zip/postal code you used when you resigtered for free electricity.
  2. Select a search criteria from the drop-down list next to 'Pick another Search Criteria'.
  3. Enter the data for the search critia you selected next to 'Search value for Search Criteria'.

Fill out the information shown below. Fields in bold are required.

Installation Zip:  (US - 12345; Canada - A1B 2C3)
Pick another Search Criteria: 
Search value for Search Criteria: