This web site is devoted to products and technologies to save you money especially in the area of energy. Among these are exciting new technologies for producing electricity without any pollution and without any operating cost (what we call "free electricity"). These technologies have been in development since 1987. View the sections mentioned below to learn more about the technologies and how you can get involved.

Free Electricity

You can register to possibly never pay another electricity bill. Our sign up offer page has all the details on how to register for free electricity. To apply for the program, fill out the application. You may view videos of our exciting free electricity technology free electricity technology. The video was taken from a public show on July 15, 2000 that shows the latest technologies being used to generate "free electricity". If you would rather see some still images taken from that technology show, view the "free electricity" slide show. If you have questions about our "free electricity" program, visit our FAQ page and select the "Free Electricity" category.

Engine Modifications

Since late 2006, we have been focusing a lot of our efforts on technologies to modify your car to get greatly improved gas mileage. We invite you to learn more about these technologies.

Income Opportunities

You can learn about the significant income opportunities associated with recruiting for free electricity. There is also a tremendous opportunity to sell engine modifications.

Status Updates

The left margin on every page contains a section called "Recent Articles". This section is where we publish our news articles and status updates. You can click on any article in that section or the "more..." link at the bottom of that section to see news articles.