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Pre-Ignition Catalytic Converter (PICC) Has Arrived

March 07, 2008 09:45, contributed by: dcstyles

The Most Fuel Efficient Vehicle In America Is An SUV
With a PICC That Will Now Get Over 100 Miles/Gallon And...
Dutchman Enterprises Just Introduced It In A Show In DC
Hosted By The Federal Government!

We know it is difficult to take the time to read everything thrown at you, but we ask you to please take the time to read this e-mail. We want all concerned citizens to understand what it will take for us to solve your fuel economy


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PICC officially announced at WIREC show

March 03, 2008 10:36, contributed by: dcstyles

Our PICC (Pre-Ignition Catalytic Converter) technology has been"official" announced to the world at the WIREC show (see this web site for information about the show) on March 3-8, 2008. The show was sponsored in part by ACORE (American Council On Renewable Energy, see their web site). The Dutchman Enterprises the supplier of the HAFC and PICC) had booth 411 located right in the heart of the show. Dutchman announced that we plan to get the EPA to approve our PICC technology. Since the EPA and the US Congress have made it illegal to tamper catalytic converters, we will have to get their approval to before we start to sell the PICC. The key attraction in the booth was the Dodge van that has been tested at over 100 mpg. The presentations at the Dutchman booth also explained that the technology that makes the HAFC (Hydro Assist Fuel Cell) work is also part of the PICC package. So those who install a HAFC now will already have part of the PICC installation done. By all accounts from those who attended the show, the Dutchman booth was the most popular booth at the show. Lots of booths talked about offering alternative energy solutions "NOW" but Dutchman seemed to be the only company at the show offering real tangible solutions.


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HAFC advertised in national publications

January 04, 2008 10:55, contributed by: dcstyles

A national advertising campaign began on the HAFC (Hydro Assist Fuel Cell) technology in January 2008. The ads began to appear on January 4th. The publications where they have appears have included: U.S. News and World Report (on sale 1/14 and 2/11) , Popular Science (on sale 1/15 and 2/15), Popular Mechanics (on sale 2/12), Newsweek (on sale 1/7 and 2/4) and several others. The ads are getting a lot of attention and thousands of people are requesting a PICC and HAFC price quote.

Click on the links below to view the ads:


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HAFC available now and PICC coming later

May 23, 2007 10:16, contributed by: dcstyles

One thing I can share that will be tremendous help in getting our "witnesses" in the next year is that we will be releasing the engine modification technology (PICC) that I mentioned on 2/23/07. Our latest testing with PICC indicates it should give a 300% or more improvement in gas mileage! That means if you are currently getting 30 mpg that with PICC installed you should receive 90 mpg or more! We expect that this technology will sell like hotcakes when we release it. We are currently accepting requests for a price quote on PICC for those who want to be first in line to get this remarkable technology when it is released. We won't be shipping PICC for several more months. In the mean time, we have an alternative technology that we have already started shipping that will give people some relief from


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Engine Modification Technologies

February 23, 2007 10:12, contributed by: dcstyles

The company has been working on research and development for various engine modification technologies. All of these technologies are designed to increase fuel efficiency and dramatically reduce air pollution. We call one of these technologies the Pre-Ignition Catalytic Converter (PICC). Our testing to date has yielded some significant improvements in fuel efficiency. You can view 30 minutes of video (broken up into 3 parts) on what we are doing on by clicking here. The videos will teach you a lot about what we are doing. One of the demonstrations on the first video shows that we can run a lawnmower engine in closed loop which means there is absolutely no exhaust. The 2nd


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Why is it taking so long to release free electricity?

February 19, 2007 05:23, contributed by: dcstyles

You may know that we have do not plan to release free electricity until we get 1.6 million witnesses (other information on this web site explains why this is the case). You may be aware that we (this company and the other dealers who work for our the supplier of the technology) have been working on this goal for a


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