Cancellation, Return and Refund Policy

A full refund will be given on an product order that is canceled prior to the product being shipped. A full refund will also be given on any product that is returned within 21 days of receipt once the product is returned. In such cases, the product must be in "like new" condition (same condition as when it was shipped) and all material sent in the shipment  including the original packing materials must be included in the return. The customer must bear the cost of shipping the product back. No refund will be given if these conditions are not met.

Consluting services and web development services are purchased on an agreed upon hourly rate and number of hours. In the event that the services are purchased and work has not begun,a full refund will be given upon the customer's request. However, if work has already begun, a refund of the unused consulting hours will be given.