Change in Focus

If you have been following our progress for a while, you know that we have been focusing our efforts on free electricity technology and getting 1.6 million "witnesses" before we release that technology. A brief review of the things we have done to try to get our witness might be helpful:

If you read the article titled "What is it taking so long?", you know that it has been very hard to get our witnesses. Here is a brief (incomplete) list of some of the major efforts we have undertaken to get our witnesses.

  • In 1996, our supplier did a nation tour. The point of that tour was to get Congress to deregulate the electric grid. Learn more about the 1996 tour.
  • In 1999, our supplier did a national tour to try to get witnesses. Learn more about the 1999 tour.
  • In 2001, our supplier did the "Good News" tour where people were invited to join the North American Special Discount Associates Club (NASDAC). Learn more about the 2001 tour.
  • In the spring 2002, we joined with the National Union of American Families (NUAF) to try to get our witnesses. The leaders of the NUAF had ties to some of the largest unions in the country and the NUAF was gong to try to get us the 1.6 million witnesses. The unions decided not to participate by September 2002.
  • October 2002, the NUAF starts a membership drive where members would join for $15 and they would be registered for free electricity as a benefit of being a member.
  • February 2003, the NUAF tried to get several major denomination with well over 1.6 million members to join the NUAF in mass and thereby grow their organization and get us the witnesses we needed. The national boards of the church groups decided not to participate. These efforts took until the spring of 2004.
  • July 2004, our supplier began another nation tour focusing on private shows for many groups to get the desired 1.6 million witnesses. Tho hope was to have as many as 150 shows in this tour.
  • March 2005, out supplier started trying to work with large Christian denominations to get the 1.6 million witnesses. In this case, the fee to register for free electricity was sponsored by various groups in an attempt to separate business from church related work. By the summer of 2006, this effort was not successful and was abandoned.
  • In December 2005, our supplier launched a multilevel marketing company in an attempt to get the 1.6 million witnesses. This effort proved unsuccessful by the late spring of 2006.

Since getting free electricity witnesses has proven to be so difficult, we have decided to change our focus to another technology. After all, we are about a lot more than bringing out free electricity. Our primary objective is bring out new technologies that will help mankind and the environment. For the foreseeable future, we will focus our limited research budget technologies to improve gas mileage. At this point, we are focusing on technologies that modify internal combustion engines to get better mileage. We have two technologies in this area. The first technology is called the Hydro Assist Fuel Cell or HAFC. The second technology is called Pre-Ignition Catalytic Converter or PICC.

You may wonder why we have changed our focus. The reason has to do with the market factors for electricity and automobiles. Electricities are operated largely as a monopoly. To break into the market you have to have a very large company with a lot of money. It costs hundreds of millions of dollars to build a major power plant. We do not have that kind of money. So for years we have been pursuing a grass roots campaign in order to gain enough political power so we could change the market to one that is advantageous for our technology which coincidentally scales down to units small enough to go on homes. In the electricity market we had to convince hundreds of thousands of people of our claims before could bring the technology out. Gaining this much support has proven to be very difficult.

The automobile market is very different from the electricity market. A consumer complete freedom to buy a Ford, Chevrolet, Mercedes, or whatever. After a consumer has purchased their car, there is a lot of freedom to modify your car. This degree of freedom is an opportunity for us. We can now convince one person at a time to try our technology. As we get more and more people who have tried it and find it to do what we claim, then we will build a lot of momentum in the market. Those who are happy with the technology will tel their friends and family. When a dealer sells one of these products, he has the option also give a free electricity certificate away. If our engine modification technologies get enough market penetration then we will get our witnesses for free electricity.

So for the short term it may look like we have abandoned our attempts to bring out free electricity but we have not. Changing our focus does not mean we will register people for free electricity. We will continue these effort and people can still register. But we are trying to get there a different way. If you have not looked at these technologies, click here to go to a web page where you can learn more about them.