About Us

Innovative Technologies Group, LLC is a company with access to several suppliers. One of these suppliers has the free electricity technology we talk about on this web site. Another company has the Engine Modifications we talk about on the web site. This web site is devoted to the products and technologies that will save you money especially by reducing your energy bills. Several things motivate us to offer the products we promote on this web site:

  • Our objective is to be better stewards of the earth by reducing pollution. Cars that use 50% less gas (or even better) move us toward this goal. Free electricity would move us toward this goal in an even bigger way..
  • We want to wake people up to what is happening in this country. The views of the owner of this web site is that this country is largely controlled by a combination of big business and big government. These two groups often cooperate in their shared objective. We believe that we do not have the kind of "free market" system you may believe because large companies dominate the markets. For example, some have suggested that the FDA (Food and Drug Administration exists for the sole purpose of keeping the little guy out of the drug business by making it too expensive for them to gain approval for their products. Most of the products we offer expose some sort of deception that exists in the current market.
  • We want to save people money on their energy bills (gasoline, natural gas, electricity, etc).
  • Lest it sound as if we have purely altruistic motives, we also want to make a fair profit.