Release the Technology When?

By far, the most frequently asked question about our "free electricity program is when we will release the technology. Everyone wants to know the answer to this question. So, I'll attempt to provide a definitive answer here.

Short Answer:

We will release the technology when we get 1.6 million people registered to participate in the program.

Long Answer:

We will release the technology when we get 1.6 million people registered to participate in the program. We don't know how long this will take, so any estimate we might give is just a guess. Our guesses, now or in the past, are not a commitment to meet some date. They are just our best guess.

We understand that you are anxious for the technology to be released. So are we! However, we firmly believe that getting 1.6 million people registered is one of two keys to the success or our program. The second key is actually getting all 1.6 million registered people (or at least a very large percentage) to come to the demonstrations when we release the technology.

I'll explain why we believe these are the keys. But first, let me warn you that the explanation may not fit within the your view of how things work here in America. However, what I'll say here does match what our experience has been. In this respect, I believe that the man who has an experience is never a the mercy of man who only has a theory.

I believe that we in America are largely controlled by a combination of big business and big government (for convenience, I'll call these two groups 'the establishment'). These groups scratch one another's back and together they rule and dominate us. I'm not saying we live in a totalitarian state but I am saying our lives are much more controlled than most of us realized. Let me give two pieces of evidence to support this claim.

# 1: According to a October, 1997 report put out by Sentinel of Freedom in Reno Nevada, the vast majority of media outlets in this country are controlled by four companies: Time Warner, Disney/Cap Cities, General Electric and Westinghouse. These companies control most broadcast TV, cable TV, newspapers, magazines, and radio stations. You might say that these companies control what we hear and know through the media. You will notice that two of these companies have a huge interest in electricity: General Electric and Westinghouse. Both companies produce a lot of the equipment that is used by electric generating companies (generators, turbines, etc.) and electric distribution companies (switches, transformers, etc.). Anything that threaten either of these two businesses (electricity generation and distribution), threatens General Electric and Westinghouse. It's no wonder that UCSA has never gotten a fair balanced story out about what we are doing. Not only do they report only negative stories about us but they also block our access. For example, UCSA tried to run a full page ad in both USA Today and Time Magazine to announce our 2001 tour. Both publications (owned by Time Warner) flatly refused to run the ad. I think you would agree that if we had access to a fair and balanced media, it would be a lot easier to get our 1.6 million registrants.

# 2: At this point, we have had a lot of resistance. About a dozen states have tried to stop the 2001 national tour where we promoted a discount buying club to register 1.6 million people. You have to ask yourself what motivates them to do such a thing. What could possibly be so wrong with our shows that they didn't even want them to be held? I went to some of the shows on the tour. I would suggest that there was nothing wrong with what we were doing. It was a show filled with eye opening product and technology demonstrations. Well, what's so dangerous about the discount buying club? I suggest that nothing is wrong with it as it is very similar to other nationally know discount buying clubs (e.g. Sam's Club, Costco). That leaves me with just one conclusion. The politicians are protecting the interests of their friends in big business (power products, coal mines, petroleum industry, etc.). So they come up with trumped up charges (claiming we are doing things we're not doing) to harass us, keep us tied up answering their charges rather than working to meet our goals, tarnish our name, slow us down and maybe even stop us.

So, for argument sake, just for a moment assume that what I say about the establishment is right. So what's the big deal about getting 1.6 million people registered and then to show up at the demonstrations when the technology is released? The big deal is that you can still get things done in this country with enough public awareness of the issue. Public awareness is one of the few things the establishment will notice. If we can win the battle for public awareness and support, then we can win this war.

So how do we plan to do it? If we can get 1.6 million people registered, then we plan to have 100 (or more, at least 2 in every state and every Canadian province) public demonstrations all on the same day (one day in the US and a separate day in Canada). When we have these demonstrations, we are counting on people who are registered (our witnesses) to not only come but to bring their spouse and a couple of friends. The people who come to the demonstration will see how a house can be completely disconnected from the grid having all it's power needs met by our generator. There will be no doubt in their minds that our technology can do what we claim and no amount of talking by news people or politicians will be able to change their mind. They will see it working and they will want it for themselves. Let's say that for every one person that is registered, four come to the demonstration. That would be 6.4 million people spread across roughly 100 locations. Assuming even distribution, that means each location could have about 64,000 people in attendance. That would be like creating 100 Woodstock concerts throughout the country all on the same day. This will be a news story that the media will not be able to cover up or deny. It will make news all over the country. And because our witnesses have seen it with their own eyes and want it for themselves, the politicians won't be able to get away with telling them they can't have it.

If we don't get our 1.6 million or if we don't have a good turn out at the demonstrations, it will be easy for the establishment to stop us. If we don't get the 1.6 million, then we probably won't release the technology and the establishment has won. If we don't have a huge turn out on demonstration day, then it would be easy for the establishment to say anything they want about us and there won't be enough people who know the truth to stop them.

So, we'll release the technology when we get our 1.6 million people registered as witnesses to attend our stadium shows. You want to know how long that is going to take. We can't answer that directly. Your guess would be as good as ours. To some extent it actually depends upon you and all the other people that have registered. We need your help to spread the word. The more people we have helping us, the faster it will go. Sure you can sit back and assume others will do it and you may be right. But it will take longer.

You also want to know where we are in the process. I can't give you a count. Of provider of this technology has decided not to release the numbers on how many have registered. They are concerned that if the establishment things we are about to get the 1.6 million that they will step up their opposition (e.g. more state Attorney Generals filing suits, more negative news stories). Our job is hard enough already without this happening.

We can let all this discourage us and make us complacent. The establishment is counting on this to happen. If we allow ourselves to get discouraged, or complacent then it will take longer to achieve the goal. The longer it take to achieve the goal, the more likely we are to get discouraged. We must adopt an attitude that says that this is a battle we must win and never give up until it is done, not unlike our fight against terrorism.

If we can win this fight, the establishment will have lost a little of the control they have over us. No longer would we have to worry about brown outs or fuel shortages in winter months. Our power grid would not be nearly as susceptible to terrorist threats when we have 16 million of our generators supplying all the electricity needs for the country. We will have taken a major step toward removing one of the establishment's favorite new tools for controlling us, concern over pollution. We will have eliminated the control that OPEC exerts on our economy and growth because we also have revolutionary technologies to minimize or eliminate our dependence on gas and diesel fuel. No longer will the growth of our economy be threatened by treaties like the Kyoto Accord which would seek to limit our pollution while putting no constraints on developing nations. Perhaps we would also be allowed to solve the problem of nuclear waste in this country (yes we have a technology to neutralize nuclear waste so we won't have to bury it in the ground). So, you see, this is a fight we must win. There is a lot at stake.