Engine Modification Technologies

We have been working on two exciting engine modification technologies.

The Hydro Assist Fuel Cell (HAFC)

The Hydro Assist Fuel Cell may increase your current gas mileage by 50% - 100% and produce more engine power. The fuel cell system extracts a Hydrogen-Oxygen mixture from a distilled water reservoir. The HAFC adds extra hydrogen to the fuel mixture which burns easily and powerfully and enriches your fuel mixture, giving you added mileage and power. The oxygen increases the octane value of the fuel. Powerful magnets ionize the water and the gasoline in the gas tank to produce smaller molecules and separate their compounds into simple elements so that they burn more efficiently. A fuel conditioner "cracks" and vaporizes the fuel which burns more of the gas molecules, getting you better gas mileage and extending the life of your engine. The balance of Hydrogen and Oxygen with the vaporization and ionization, produce significant increase in gas mileage, cleaner engine conditions, more horsepower, better performance and dramatically decrease exhaust pollution!

The HAFC system is compatible with any conventional motor vehicle. The installation is simple and takes only a few hours to install. We believe in our product's abilities so much that we are offering a thirty day money back guarantee. You will have thirty days to experience the amazing increase in your gas mileage, and power and performance in your engine. Start putting your gas savings to better use today!

The Pre-Ignition Catalytic Converter (PICC)

The Pre-Ignition Catalytic Converter could get your car up to five times the gas mileage! The name says it all, The Pre-Ignition Catalytic Converter is a catalytic converter that operates before the gasoline is introduced to the engine. The catalytic converter that is currently installed on your vehicle is located at the opening of your exhaust pipe. The purpose of the catalytic converter is to break down large gas molecules that were not burned by your engine, before they are exhausted into the environment. Your engine is not efficiently burning your gas and those precious gas molecules are not being used to power your engine, rather they are being burned up so that they won't be exhausted into the environment.

The PICC "cracks the gas" or breaks down the gas molecules into smaller ones before the gasoline is introduced into the engine, rather than afterwards. Our system uses a magnetic and electrical reaction to break down the molecules. This will enable all of the gas to be burned properly in the engine, thus fully utilizing the gas that is put into the engine, getting you up to five times the gas mileage, and not exhausting molecules of unused gas into the environment. So the gas that you pay for will no longer be wasted through the catalytic converter and the molecules will no longer be polluting the environment! It will now be as it always should have been. Gas burned in the engine instead of a catalytic converter! The PICC is not yet available for purchase. We are giving quotes for the PICC. It may take a few months to get you a quote, but... It will be worth the wait!

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